Friday, July 30, 2010

Print Shop

They have used this poster at Upper Canada Village for at least 18 years, since my kids were young, and I used to wonder why. This visit, I saw how much work is involved in making a picture for one of those old presses. Would you want to create a new picture every year?

I forget the statistics for setting a page of type. Something on the order of 2 days to set it and proof it, and another day and a half to tear it apart again.

We have it kind of easy nowadays, don't we?


Dar said...

That's amazing! I have a page that was printed onto tin that was the front page of a local paper. It just happens to have my picture on it and I have always wondered, how do they print a paper from that tin? It still baffles me. I believe I need to do some research.

George said...

There definitely was a lot of work involved in printing flyers the old-fashioned way. They were smart to keep using a good thing as long as they could.


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