Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fish at Upper Canada Village

In the park just before the gate to the Village, there is one of those food dispensing machines, so people can feed the fish. Last time I was there, the fish were fed through the back window of the grist mill, not by the public.

In a real village of the time, the fish would likely have been used as food before they got to be this large. All the ones I saw were more than three feet long.


Stan said...

I've been to Canada many times and never saw such huge fish. We've got them in ponds down here and yes, they are fun to feed.

carolina mts said...

Looks like carp - I have seen them this size many times! Fun to feed.

EcoRover said...

Carp, the fishy equivalent of tansy. Though I'm told smoked carp is as good as true lox and sometimes even sold as such.

Clytie said...

They really are huge! And what fun to be able to feed them!


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