Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red Trilliums

The red trilliums are in full bloom now.

It is so hard to choose

which of the 50

photos to show you.

But I have weeded the choices down to these six.


Steve Borichevsky said...

Trillium are my favorite woodland flower. I used to see them in the woods of Vermont, but unfortunately I have not been able to find them on Cape Ann.

Bronwynn said...

Very nice. I like the light through the leaves and petals in the last shot, and also the one from the back of the flower. Unrelated to your lovely flowers, the package arrived safe and sound, and the baby likes his present very much. The lady sitting next to me at Second Cup was giving me odd looks though, when I pulled a catnip mouse out of the package and started giggling

Jenn Jilks said...

'Weeded' them down, indeed. LOL
Lovely shots. What I wouldn't give for more trillium on my property! They were dug out when the house was built and we have 5 now. Thank you for your kind comment on My Muskoka.

Lorac said...

I didn't realize they are out! Will have to go for a walk and see. Lovely pics!

Clytie said...

Our trilliums are making a comeback these past few years. But they are all white! When they get old the petals turn a light to deep purple. I have never seen a red trillium!

Your pictures are absolutely superb! I love the way the light glows through that last shot - magical.


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