Sunday, April 4, 2010

Critters on a Walk

At the dog park, this little garter snake alerted me to his presence when he slithered off the path in front of me.

When I did not chase him, but settled in to take some photos, he decided to check me out, as well. He came closer to me, and I put my hand under his chin so he could smell/taste me, but he was not going to come any closer than that.

He was much more cooperative than the butterflies I saw, only one of which sat still long enough for me to focus.


Clytie said...

The garter snake is so beautiful. Ours aren't nearly as colorful, except for the highly elusive "red racer" ones we see sometimes. I'm glad he wanted to be your friend!

As for the butterfly? Gorgeous. I have yet to see one this year. Sigh.

lina@women's perspectives said...'re so brave...
All are stunning ones! Salute...

joo said...

Wow Judy, I'm so frightened of snakes that I would die first than come closer to any!!! Stunning photos!

Maria said...

What a cute little snake! And he really looks interested in you taking his pictures! Very nice shots!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I make a huge detour around snakes, but the butterfly is pretty:)

Euroangel said...

i can't afford to touch these creatures...seeing is fine...but they are cute..happy Easter!

Quiet Paths said...

I loved this set of photos and your commentary. What a handsome little thing. You have a way with the little critters!


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