Monday, April 5, 2010

Buds on the Trees

I feel that there is so much happening

in the natural world, and how can I possibly

share even half of it with you?

So this post is from five different trees!


Tracy said...

Ah, sooo sweet... after such a long winter, this is joyful to see! I hope we'll been seeing buds & blooms here soon too... soon... LOL! Happy Day, Judy :o) ((HUGS))

George said...

It's wonderful to see all those buds on so many different trees. Spring is definitely in the air.

Clytie said...

Such a miraculous time of year! Such beauty! I especially love the clouds in the first picture, and the detail of the 4th picture. Gorgeous!!!

JC said...

Isn't it fun ... the new life .. my yard is ready to burst

Ruby said...

these are gracefully taken..lovely pix Judy!

Bronwynn said...

I like the second last one, that looks like little alien hands unfolding at the tips of the branches


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