Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beavers Have Been At Work

We have been wandering through some new territory,

and have found an area where the beavers have been felling trees.

I have never noticed before how clearly you can see the tooth marks in the trees.

This birch stump is still alive, trying to send its sap to its branches. I have read that birch sap can be gathered and turned into syrup, the same way that maple sap is.


SquirrelQueen said...

They have been very busy beavers. It is amazing how well the teeth marks show up in your photos. I didn't know that about birch sap, thanks for the info.

I love your header, it won't be long now before the scent of lilacs will fill the air.

Hope you are having a great Easter weekend,

Clytie said...

I have seen beaver-fallen trees. I have even photographed beaver-fallen trees. Not once have I ever thought about getting a macro of the tooth marks!!! These are wonderful!

Steve Borichevsky said...

Beavers are so good for the environment. I hope that they do not disrupt any human endeavors.

Deb said...

boy can they cause problems....

Dar said...

I see the Beaver have been on a roll. The pic you have of the sap is quite a catch. My uncle made birch syrup once in our maple country. It was quite bitter compared to the maple syrup but I understand it depends on the ground the trees are growing in. You sure got a bunch of dandy pictures. I've seen where the DNR has to blow the dams they make so they don't flood the roads. Then they build another one the next day.


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