Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grape Hyacinths

When I dug over this garden last fall, and replanted all the tiny bulbs

I had no idea what they were. Now the garden is full of beautiful grape hyacinths!


Roses and Lilacs said...

They do look like little grapes or blueberries don't they. I'd like to plant a few under my daffodils.

I haven't ever grown these but did just buy a couple of the pink and white hyacinths that smell so good.

George said...

I sure am glad you replanted those bulbs so you could share these beautiful grape hyacinths with us.

Clytie said...

We have some of these too. I never knew what they were before! Beautiful.

Johnny Nutcase said...

love these little guys, how cute are they! and the name is perfect too. great shots, love the last macro!

Carletta said...

I have a tiny little patch of these. I'd love to get a macro like your last one if my knees would let me get down to see the little beauties. :)
Lovely Judy!

Tracy said...

Just love these... you know! ;o) Such happy little flowers... Have a great weekend, Judy ((HUGS))

Dar said...

I love my grape hyacinths. They carry the most vibrant blue color. You are lucky to have planted them.
Have a great weekend discovering what else spring has in store for you.

Una said...

I love those little blue flowers... =)


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