Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Cat Likes To Hide in Boxes

That is the title of a book I read to my daughters a gazillion times, and we still occassionally quote to each other. And since Gloria insists that she needs a box in the kitchen, it is totally appropriate. I did take some photos of Miss Kitty this morning, but either the camera or the computer ate them. The location of that photo shoot was not the best, so I will give her a couple of hours to move, and try again.


STAG said...


Too many hidey holes in my house for cats.

Clytie said...

My cat prefers bags and purses to boxes, but will climb in one if there is nothing else available.

Aren't they cute?

Carletta said...

Gotta love that face and little brown nose!

EcoRover said...

Gloria is one sweet tiger. Now, if a lap is close to the box, is she faced with a hard decision?


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