Friday, January 8, 2010

Arnold and Lucky

We have a new computer, after ten years, so I am getting used to the changes.

The computer guy has a couple of cats; this is Arnold, age 19, and a close-up of some of his extra toes.

Lucky arrived as a mite of a thing and all the diseases you can imagine. It took 8 months to get him into good health.

He has very long legs, and a long pointy nose.

He loves attention, though.


Deb said...

cute little kitties...

JC said...

The grey striped tabby could be a twin for my Ashton Rosevelt.

Both are adorable ^,,^

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What sweet looking cats! Arnold is 19? Amazing!

Rouva Lypsy said...

Sweet cats!

Bronwynn said...

Very cute. I'm still looking forward to seeing pictures of my new little sister

Clytie said...

Adorable! I love to take pictures of mine, but they hardly ever turn out as well as these!


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