Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Jake was posing so nicely in the sunshine. Annie left the region the camera was pointing at, so I got a photo of her scruffy tail.


Deb said...

great pose...looks cold

Clytie said...

Jake fits right into the scenery! His colors perfectly match the brushy area behind him. And he looks perfectly happy to be out and about in the snow.

George said...

Jake looks wonderful in this photo, but I think he's waiting for you to get his picture so that he can join Annie.

storyteller said...

Enjoyed your snowy photos in the previous posts and this wonderful shot of Jake who looks like he needs a winter coat. I've been having trouble visiting because Mozilla keeps crashing (It seems I have a faulty WLAN card) ... but I'm doing what I can this morning catching up in my reader before clicking over to comment.
Hugs and blessings,

JC said...

Very Cute ...
I have a photo I took where I had both dogs sitting by my d .. who was 9 ms or so at the time ... I took the photo & I got a tail and a head & a baby ... it's really a funny photo.

Love yours !!!


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