Monday, March 30, 2009

A Walk in the Dog Park

The sun was lighting up the clouds as we were getting ready to go to the dog park.

There is still a lot of ice in the woods. This is a half inch of water on top of ice. Just enough to reflect the sky and the trees, and splash. The next photo os a footprint with ice inside it.

Jake said the traction was fine for running, most places.

The sumacs are looking rather ragged after the winter.

Sometimes, a young tree will start growing either in or on top of an old stump. The stump dissolves, and the tree is left, slightly above ground level.

The birch trees often grow in clusters. They don't usually all die off at the same time, though.

The sky was lovely and blue when we were headed for home, and breakfast.


Tarolino said...

What a lovely walk that you shared with us. I so like these little snippets of natural details that you see with your keen sence for details.
Jake looks ever so happy.

sunnymama said...

That's a very beautiful place to go for a walk!

raino said...

Oh. Nice pics. I like the one of the foot print.

George said...

Thanks for sharing your walk with us through your beautiful pictures.


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