Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today's Flowers

Things are starting to show signs of blooming. This is forsythia.

And lilac.

Daffodils? Maybe tulips.


Lemon balm.

And lady's mantle.



It is so nice to see spring is starting to show! But everywhere else but in Oslo! The snow is pouring down here!

Thank you for your nice words on my blog! It is warming on a freezy day/night!

dot said...

Looks like you have some surprises in store. It will be fun to see what they are!

Arija said...

The earth around you ia astir with the promise of spring and the hope of its bursting with gay abadon.

Naturegirl said...

Judy how exciting for you! Signs that promise Spring is on it's way!
sun gazing in AZ..NG

Race said...

wow, i'll wait for your blooms! a promise of beautiful flowers to come...

Lilli & Nevada said...

wonderful choice for Today's Flower's spring is on the way.

Inkivääri said...

Trallallaa, it coming - so sweet and gives hope to me:)


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