Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Flowers

The only blossoms here in Ottawa are still found on windowsills.

I don't know what the first flower is, but the sceond is a begonia, and the third is a hyacinth.


Rouva Lypsy said...

I know what is the flower name, but only Finnish. :D

Annie said...

Lovely flowers, Judy! Loving your blog! You have some wonderful photos!
You are a neighbor of mine on the Today's Flowers sign in page today, so thought I would come to visit!
That first flower looks a little like a succulent of some sort?
Annie (from Australia).

Gill - That British Woman said...

I bet that hyacinth has a beautiful smell?

Gill from Southern Ontario

fishing guy said...

Judy: I do love the purples in your last flower, it is beautiful.

Tabib said...

I thought the 1st and 2nd flowers are the same sp, but they are not.

Joy0z said...

Oh these are lovely. Thanks for dropping by.

Misty Dawn said...

They are both EXTREMELY beautiful, but that last one is my most favorite color!!! I want a flower like that on my windowsill! ;-)

Arija said...

I don't know what the first one is either, I just know that all three are beautiful and well photographed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your windowsills with us.

Titania said...

They are very pretty flowers for the window sill. I think your first flower is a Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. They come in many colours. I grow mine outside. You can make easily cuttings from them if you want to increase your plant.

Laerte Pupo said...

I liked your post.
The first flower is Kalanchoe.
It is know how "Fortune Flower".
Thanks for posting to TODAY'S FLOWERS

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I think I can smell the aroma of the hyacinth. Mmmmmm!

Tarolino said...

Lovely pictures Judy. Aren't flowers just great. According to one sorce the top flower would be called Flaming Katy in english. In finnish it's called firetop and it originates in South Africa.

Carletta said...

I'm catching on the memes and I see I somehow missed your flower post.
These are lovely - I'm favoring the hyacinth with its striped petals.


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