Saturday, March 21, 2009

Walk at the Dog Park

There was still ice, but less than last week. The snow was quite granular. Much easier walking.

There was a contrail crossing the sky, and the sun was not very far above the horizon.

But the birch trees are visibly budding now.

All these pine cones were clustered on two branches of the tree.

And the geese were flying over.


Today's Blah... said...

Oh, I love the gees forming V. Beautifull captured on a blue blue sky. Thanks for the kind comments.

The Explorer said...

Thanks for visiting in my blog...really appreciate it.

The Explorer said...

By the way, no need to worry, I think your winter season is almost over and spring is in.

George said...

I trust those geese are heading north. It looks as if Spring has arrived at your house.

Joyoz said...

Wow V shaped flying geese. Great timing. Have a nice day and thanks for checking my photo blog.

Arija said...

Beautiful early sring skywatch photos.

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh those Canada Geese.....always honking!!

Gill in Southern Ontario


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