Thursday, August 16, 2012


August is goldenrod season.
 I love the colour of it.


Bubbling Arroyo said...

The second picture is a masterpiece

Grandma C's Place said...

I love how the droplet of water reflects the plant behind it.

Martha Z said...

Beautiful images, such sharp focus. I like that header,too, it's an amazing image.

Deb said...

so pretty...beautiful yellow...

Dar said...

My mother used to tell me that the Goldenrod was what was making me sneeze in the fall, but here it was the Sneezeweed, which looks very similar.

Everything Changes said...


chubskulit said...

Captured beautifully! Visiting from Sky Watch Friday.

My Skywatch, hope you'd come and see.
Have a great weekend.

Liz said...

Really lovely images!! Beautiful yellows.


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