Monday, June 21, 2010


I was able to capture some raindrops after the storm;

it was a challenge, given the fine leaves of the chamomile.

I know I could gather the blossoms for tea,

but they all seem to have these tiny bugs, and I am not thrilled with the thought of boiling them alive...


Jama said...

I love looking at all your macro flower shots, simply awesome!

EcoRover said...

Beautiful--I could almost smell them and taste the tea. In fact, you've inspired me--I'm going to brew a cup & have a nice slab of rhubarb pie with it.

Dancin' Fool said...

Wow! The shots of the water droplets on the camomile are amazing, especially the first one, well done!

MedaM said...

The droplets look like crystals and give the camomile more charming look. I feel like a cup of camomile tea at the moment.:-)

EG Wow said...

Beautiful photos, Judy. It's hard to believe how tiny the flowers really are because you've captured them so clearly.

Clytie said...

Beautiful crystals of water on that chamomile! I could wear those jewels!

Bronwynn said...

Also, knowing that it was full of bug essance would likely detract from the enjoyment of the tea. These are great shots, especially the first one. It's wonderfully bright


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