Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Remember cute little Buddy next door? Well, he is still cute, but not nearly so little. He is nearly a year old, over 50 pounds now, and most of it is muscle or stomach. But he has almost learned not to jump up on people, so I can take his picture without landing on the ground.


Dar said...

Buddy is a real him!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

LOL! You took this standing upright. He looks like a sweet little cutie.

Jan n Jer said...

LOL...had to laugh when I saw daughter has a yellow lab who does the same thing. He is big as a pony an comes charging up to you. He is like a big overgrown kid! Love all your photos!

Luna Miranda said...

he's handsome.:p

JC said...

He's very cute. Part great dane perhaps ?

Riet said...

What a handsome dog :))

Clytie said...

Those EYES!!!


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