Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scabiosa bombivicerum

There's a bed of these plants at the college, and I have finally found a label for them, but no common name. Scabiosa bombivicerum.

The tallest of them are more than 5 feet tall.

The blossoms appear to darken slightly with age.

The entire plant is covered with this cottony substance.

There was more of it before the heavy rains.

You have to admit they are very pretty plants, and they do add vertical interest in the garden.

I think they must be annuals, because when I first saw them in the spring, they were already more than a foot across.


Dar said...

These look like our Large Flowering or Common Mullein which is quite prevalent as a weed. My mother pulls them up but my sister and I love their height and leave them show off.
They are from the Verbascum family.

Carletta said...

I do like these. Your thought of a vertical interest in the garden was just what I was thinking when I saw them.
Love how you have highlighted each aspect of the plant in different images - nice shots!

Cai - said...

Great photo!
Check out my photo challenge website,! Every weekday has its own photo theme and a different challenge every week, have a look and hopefully ill see a picture from you soon on weekday photos!

Have a good one!

Clytie said...

It really does look like our great mullein - I hear they have medicinal qualities!

Some of our mullein grow as high as 8 feet tall, and they are very beautiful and impressive.

I like your different shots - but my favorite is the leaf with the veins glowing in the sun. Beautiful!


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