Friday, February 26, 2010

Footprints In the Snow

As I was photographing these tracks in the stubble of the grain field,

I was struck by the bumpy appearance of the toes.

I went back to the duck tracks, and their toes are smooth. Does anyone know why some birds have bumpy toes?


Dar said...

From the size of your snap, it could be Turkey tracks...just a guess...we have lots of them and now I have to see if they have a bumpy impression...thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend

Clytie said...

Maybe it's hereditary? I mean, my MOM has bumpy toes, and so do I!!! Lol.

Carletta said...

I was thinking turkey too.

Maria Berg said...

Bumpy so they can hold on better to wherever they want to be, MB

Quiet Paths said...

Such interesting patterns they make in the snow. I would say this is a large bird, yes. Neat photos.


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