Thursday, July 11, 2013


I love watching the dragonflies, but I find they never sit still long enough for me to capture them.
This fellow was willing to sit on a stalk of sweet clover long enough for me to get half a dozen images.
I am linking this with Nature Footstep Winged.
Thank you to everyone who explained the difference between dragonflies and damselflies!!!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes I love the irredescence of their wings and bodies.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Debby Van Enkenvoort said...

WOW! Incredible shot. What camera/lens do you use?

Ramblingwoods said...

This is a wonderful photo as they are so hard to get. I wanted to let you know that you can tell dragonflies and damselflies apart by the wings as they are perched. The dragonflies usually have their wings straight out when perched like a butterfly where as damselflies have the at their sides like this one which is a beautiful photo of a damselfly... Michelle

MitchyLR said...

Wonderful shot Judy!! I think this is actually a damselfly, not a dragonfly. It's a fabulous capture though!!

Anonymous said...

A very good and nice picture

Amazing wonders in my life said...

Beautifully captured

Gunilla Bäck said...

Beautiful shot!

NatureFootstep said...

a gorgeosu shot of the damselfly. These are often quite easy to get a shot at. They like to sit on grass or twigs. The bigger ones, teh dragonflies on the other hand can be pretty hard to catch. Yours is very colorful and beautiful.

Frank said...

Excellent shot Judy.

It looks very similar to our Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Aren't they tricky???!!!!!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful capture of the dragonfly. Well done! Have a great day and a happy weekend!

veredit - isabella kramer said...


this is absolutely fantastic, very good composition and a lovely bokeh.

Congrats, my dear friend.
wish you a lovely Sunday,

hugs from

Mary said...

They are so thin and delicate, I have trouble getting them in focus at times. This is a beauty! With dragonflies, many of them have favorite perching places that they keep coming back to. Find one, and then just wait a few minutes. Others are so restless it seems they never stop flying!


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