Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NF Blo-Ma #17

This meme is all about flowers and macros,
 so today, I am sharing peony seed pods, and the one lone seed that I could find.
to see more wonders.


Debbie said...

oh how interesting!! love that color and texture!!

Charlotta said...

Nice close ups. Maybe you will find a lot of tree peony babies next year? :)

Magdalena said...

Nice macro shots.
Have a nice week!

EcoRover said...

Great flower pics, as always. I need to visit more often. I didn't know Jacob's Ladder and its story--interesting. Is it stinky like other members of the Polemonium family?

Ruby Manchanda said...


Leovi said...

I like to express delicate seeds sublime beauty, the ultimate nature, beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I wish you a lovely weekend!


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