Sunday, June 10, 2012

Today's Flowers

At the college, I found a large mat
 of thyme in full bloom.
 The tiny blossoms were accented with a bit of hop clover.
 To see more flowers, click the icon on the right.


Betty Roan said...

They are beautiful! I didn't know thyme could look so good.

Clytie said...

They are gorgeous! I like the yellow of the clover nestled in the shot!

Carletta said...

Your pictures look like lovely little bouquets!

I don't think I mentioned it before but your header is gorgeous!

Carver said...

Beautiful flowers and you captured them very well.

vincibene said...

Beautiful series!

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous blooms!

Gigantic Flowers

EcoRover said...

Good landscapers--nice to see something other than English lawn at a college.

Ruby's said...

I love the colors of these pictures.

Luna Miranda said...

gorgeous! love the color.


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