Saturday, June 2, 2012

Peonies in the Rain

It was raining this week
 when I stopped at the college gardens.
 I did not stay as long as usual,
 but the blossoms are lovely
 covered with raindrops!
 What do you think?


Netty said...

I think they are gorgeous! I wish I could smell those beauties...Heaven!

Mel said...

Very lovely. Great captures.

Nerissa said...

They're beautiful! purrs

Ruby's said...


Everything Changes said...

Lovely--I'm behind again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - they are utterly magical!

Naturegirl said...

Peonies are gorgeous any way with rain drops and without! Are they drooping to the ground with all the rain inside the petals?I always had peony cages to prevent this. Perhaps next Spring I too will once again have peonies!
Love the frilly girls! Enjoy them..I'm sure you have beautiful bunches inside your home!
Happy gardening!

Hawa Cookiemom said...

They are all amazing and beautiful...Good job capturing them and thanks for sharing them here...

anna said...

amazing pics - i'm linking to you from my blog



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