Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Forsythia Buds

The record-breaking temperatures last week have everything growing earlier than usual, including my forsythia bush.
 Now the cold temperatures have put everything into a holding pattern.


jabblog said...

Every spring I see forsythia and wish I had one - then I forget. They are lovely shrubs.

Resaca Rose said...

I love your pictures. I especially love the new picture you've put at the top of your blog. It's simplicity is beautiful. I live down south in Georgia. Our forsythia are long gone. I wish they lasted longer. They are so bright and cheerful looking.

George said...

The flowers on our forsythias are just about gone. I hope your blossoms are as pretty as ours were.

Buttons said...

Oh these are great yes I am missing those 23c temps they were nice. B

Anonymous said...

Here in GA, our forsythia blooms are almost gone. Just in the last two days, our maple trees have gotten their pretty green leaves! Your photography is superb!


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