Saturday, August 13, 2011


When you start looking carefully,
 milkweed is an interesting plant.
 (Sorry, George, but it is.)
 I have been pulling the developing pods apart to see the still-white seeds and the structure of the pods.


Ann said...

is it edible?

Maia said...

So, this is the milkweed. Interesting to see these buds unfolding.

Thanks for the comment on my Rose Mallow.
By the way, Rose Mallow and Rose of Sharon are from the same family but different species as you can see at this MFS post.

As much as I like your weekly presence at MFS, I have to delete you for not linking back from your post, ever. Posts are indexed not the sidebar. Sorry, I was patient for a year and a half.

jabblog said...

Even the humblest plants reward close observation. Beautiful!

Deb said...

I have to agree Judy...

Cheryl said...

I think the way you do. If it's alive, it's generally quite beautiful if you find the right perspective! Sorry George.

Q said...

I love Milkweed just like the Monarchs.


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