Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Black Squirrel

This squirrel decided I was not enough of a threat to disturb his breakfast.


Una Reinman said...

It is cute. =)

SquirrelQueen said...

Aw, he's adorable. He must have known you were a friend of squirrels.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

We have these here, and I just adore them!

George said...

I'm glad he let you take his picture. We don't have black squirrels around here.

EcoRover said...

Good pic--in the Alleghenies, the black phase squirrels were relatively rare (as were "red ruff" ruffed grouse vs. the gray ones). Read a bit on the Wikipedia site--theory is that black squirrels were dominant in pre-Colonial times, but clearcutting the great hardwood forests shifted the selection pressure.

Saint Sky said...

muy bien... nicely done... :)

Rouva Lypsy said...

Never see before a black squirrel!! :O


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