Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Watery Wednesday

While crossing a very small stream, I stopped to take some photos. The dogs wanted to know why we were stopping in the middle of the bridge, as there was nothing at all to sniff.
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Genie said...

WOW!!! Nice reflections in your first 2 captures. The colors in them are absolutely beautiful. That blue is perfection in my mind. Beautiful shots. Genie

Karen said...

Lovely reflections!

Twiggy said...

That first photo is fab! The feeling of it and the colours.

joo said...

Lovely place, and the middle photo is superb!

NatureFootstep said...

I understand why you stoped. :)

lotusleaf said...

I would have stopped too! Have a nice day!

George said...

I'm glad you stopped in the middle of that bridge to capture these wonderful pictures. You got some great watery reflections.


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