Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wild Turky Feathers

Annie flushed three or four wild turkeys this morning.

I was busy taking photos of the feathers I found on the trail, and only turned to see the last of the birds flying up into the trees.

At least that told me what kind of feathers I was looking at.

And I have not been able to identify the tiny pink flowers, either.


Deb said...

pretty feathers...

Dar said...

Your young turkey feather pics are awesome. Very nice.
So close to the ground, your pink flower looks like it could be the buds of a Deptford Pink. They grow 6"-24" and are tiny, gorgeous deep pink flowers.
Have a Great Day

Anonymous said...

The pink buds are so pretty!

EG Wow said...

The turkeys around here have been hiding in the woods lately. It's almost time for them to return to the fields though.


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