Thursday, August 5, 2010

Timothy in Bloom

Grasses are pollinated by the wind,

yet the pollen grains are so large!

But there are far too many grasses for the bees to ever get the job done.


Q said...

Hi Judy,
I have so enjoyed catching up with you this evening.
All of your photos are gorgeous but your clouds on Friday are fantastic!
Hope you are staying cool. It is too hot and humid to be out side for very long at my house. I run out to see the bugs, take a few photographs and run back in...

joo said...

It's beautiful Judy!

Rambling Round said...

What a beautiful closeup of this grass!

LV said...

Beautiful pictures of the plants with a beautiful clear, blue sky as a background.

jabblog said...

What wonderful macros!
I love your sky shots too - they're very dramatic.

Mary said...

This is really interesting looking! I've never looked at Timothy up close. Neat shots!

Bill said...

Fabulous shots!

Self Sagacity said...

Love how you took the different shots. Thanks for the lesson on Timothy today. :-)

Work At Home Mom said...

Thanks for the lesson on Pollination. I actually used your blog to explain to my daughter how the process goes. Great pictures!

Slugyard said...

Love these photos. Too often we ignore that inspiring details that are staring us in the face.


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