Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inside the Museum of Nature

We started in the dinosaur section.

I was not very good about labelling what I was photographing,

but I know this is a duckbill, and the mouth of a full size model of a juvenile T. rex.

I think this guy looks like he is wearing a bad toupee.

This is a T. rex skull, with mammals running on it, to illustrate the end of the dinosaur period.

The polar bear in this diorama was trying to catch a seal, coming up through the ice.

I was getting tired by the time we got here (remember, this was after work), but I did capture the great blue heron

and the burrowing owl.


Icy BC said...

Fantastic photos! The claws are just awesome, and scary though!

EG Wow said...

Some day I MUST visit the Museum of Nature! There's so much to see. :)


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