Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fields of Goldenrod and Spiderwebs

I have seen a lot of webs this general shape in the grass, but not in the goldenrod before.

This shape is more common in the goldenrod, and other tall plants.


Pam said...

Lovely captures of the goldenrod and especially the spiderweb, Judy.

I love the lilac color!

Quiet Paths said...

You caught the light just right! Isn't that an amazing color of yellow.

EG Wow said...

Very nice shot of the web, Judy. I have one outside my door this morning that I'm waiting for the light to be just right to take a picture...but so far no luck. LOL

Lorac said...

Nicely done Judy! Is it me or is the goldenrod a little early this year?


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