Thursday, May 6, 2010

Skywatch Friday

The pin cherries at the dog park have bloomed,

and gone past their prime.

Where have all the petals gone, you ask? They are scattered on the ground.


me ann my camera said...

There is much beauty in your third photo! Very nice pictures. I love the blossom stsge of spring. Many of our trees are now in blossom.

Manang Kim said...

Yes same as mine here, every flowers are gone and the fruit is coming. Happy weekend!


Carolyn said...

Judy your photos are stunning of the blossoms. I have been so focused on all the wild flowers that I really haven't checked out the fruit tree blossoms.
Yes you can walk the dogs on the beaches and the dunes and trails behind the dunes. In the off seasn and low season parks staff do not give you any grief and there is NO ONE in the park...I am so amazed that we see no one when we walk. There are several access points where you can walk in without paying park fees. If you google Sandbanks Provincial Park, Picton ON(there is a park by the same name in Newfoundland)and choose the google maps view you can see the extent of the dunes. We walk in at Westlake and walk along the WestLake dune shore or the Lake Ontario shore depending on the winds.
I was astounded at the number of trout lilies that were in the forest and PEC is a truly great place to recreate. Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the long winded comment.

Anonymous said...

They're so pretty & so delicate - Great shots!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

The petals on the flowering fruit trees are not going to last long with the winds we have had this week. Thanks for sharing. Valerie

The Write Girl said...

What beautiful flowers...I love how you use photos to illustrate a story. Amazing photos.

luna miranda said...

very pretty!

DoanLegacy said...

The blossoms are gorgeous in different angles and light.

Melusine said...


joo said...

Sheer beauty!

Tracy said...

Petals fallen... the sweetest confetti! :o) Happy Weekend, Judy ((HUGS))

Roses and Lilacs said...

Judy, those are lovely skywatch pictures. They look like water color paintings.

Have a great weekend.

Bronwynn said...

They're very cute little flowers. I love the first shot especially


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