Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watery Wednesday

The borage is still blooming,

although it is starting to get ahead of me, and setting seed.

But more raindrops are still a good thing.

The hairs on the plants hold them so well!


Your EG Tour Guide said...

Lovely! I must make a note to get out this afternoon (the sun IS going to shine today, isn't it?) and take some photos of the volunteer borage in my garden.

Anonymous said...

Oh those flowers are so strokable looking!

Thanks for all your kind words about my pictures! And yes, feel free to use that picture - thanks for asking :)

gwendolen said...

I love the details in these macros. Cool to see all the little hairs.
The bokeh in the first photo is really lovely.

Julie said...

What a pretty flower and the water drops add so much to the photo.

George said...

These are beautiful macros. I especially like the photos with the water drops -- they are just exquisite.

Denise said...

Stunning and just gorgeous macro shots.

Q said...

Your borage photographs are stunning!
I just might grow some next year just to photograph...oh they are pretty with the rain drops...
Thanks for the inspiration!


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