Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morning Glories

The white morning glories,

and these pale blue ones, are ones

I have not seen in the area before.

I can add them to the list

of good colours for morning glories!


Your EG Tour Guide said...

Morning glories take so long to flower, waiting till the end of summer - but they are so worth it!

Esther Garvi said...


Bronwynn said...

Gorgeous. I love the side view of the pale blue one. Very neat

STAG said...

You should see the black eyed susans and Japanese lanterns which have taken over MY garden!

George said...

Beautiful morning glories!

EcoRover said...

Beautiful--I remember the many wild dones in Pennsylvania. As a child of the 60s, it also brings back memories of the, ah, interesting properties of morning glory seeds!


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