Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Walk in the Dog Park

Overnight temperatures are still cold, so there was ice on the puddles.

I know this is a terrible photo of Annie, but I wanted to prove to you that she was breaking the ice, and wading, if not for long.

I saw ferns in one place, growing on a log.

A cooperative robin posed for me, while singing.

The birch trees are showing their buds now.

I have never noticed the way birchbark forms scars around the branches.

This is a macro shot of one of those scars, on a tree that fell years ago. The wood has mostly rotted, but the bark is still there.

On another fallen log, moss was happily growing.

Above the moss was a pine tree, and the squirrels had been very untidy about clearing away the dishes after their meals.

The creeks were running high. I like the way the different water speeds change the reflections of the trees.


George said...

Poor Annie! I'll bet that water was cold. You got some great pictures of the robin, but then all your pictures are wonderful. I, too, like your last one.

Jenn Jilks said...

My son went for a swim today. It was brisk. We have it on film: Polar Bunny Swim! (News at 11:00!)


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