Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Leaves in the Woods

Annie had to help? me photograph the new leaves.

But most of the time she was rolling in the dead leaves,

leaving me to admire the new ones.

These are the leaves of the dogtooth violet or trout lily. And the first trilliums are almost ready to bloom.


Tarolino said...

Hi Judy,
Hope you are better now. I love these captures of fresh new growth with added doghair as an ingredient. The Dogtooth (?) was particularly interesting and I don't think we have that over here.

In answer to two of your questions.

The thing in my moss/lichen collection you were wondering about is a kind of lichen and the red on top is the way it reproduces itself.

The dogs go for a walk first and afterwards they will have to wait in the car when I still go and take a few more photographs. They would chase everything away if they were with me then too. However they do get to walk most times for an hour off the lead before being put in the car so they don't suffer too much of this arrangement.


Isn't it great to walk the woods and see new life growing everywhere!? I love this time of year, and my camera is filled of photos of new leaves, small buds - I simply cannot helt it!

Lovely pictures of spring Judy! And thanks for your nice comments!


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