Friday, January 11, 2013

Link Between Blogger and Picasa

I was looking at Picasa, and thinking that I did not need all the photos there, as they are all stored at the Gate.
So I deleted some of them from Picasa.
I was wrong.
They are not stored with my blog.
They are stored in Picasa, and the ones I deleted, disappeared from the Gate.
After a major temper tantrum, I have reloaded the photos into Picasa, and put them back into their respective posts.
Does this make sense to anyone?


ancient one said...

Thanks for letting us know that... will not be deleting any photos. Learn something new every day...

Wynnie said...

Of course it doesn't make sense, that's not what computers do

Lin Floyd said...

isn't it just a thumbnail that is stored at Picasa? and the original is on your computer? be sure and backup!

Brave Knight said...

I had considered doing exactly what you did and wondered if my photos would disappear fom posts. Thanks your post. I can't upload anymore photos and thought I could make room by deleting some.

Mary said...

I understand and know the feeling. All blog photos are in Picasa and you can't remove them without dire consequences. This whole set-up is very frustrating. I was paying for extra storage until they upped the price a whole bunch. I hate the things I have had to do to my blog to make it possible to post my photos. I removed one blog completely, took out a year of my main blog, and have to shrink my photos down so small they lose their quality. I'm seriously thinking about starting up new under a new email....but hate the thought of going to all that trouble. It really frustrates me that they give me more space for my gmail account....which I don't need...then for my blogs, where I really need it.


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