Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Ice

The calm water is starting to freeze.
 I love the patterns of the ice crystals.
 Today I am linking with NF Waters.
Do drop in.


Leovi said...

Yes, I also like ice, precious pictures. Greetings.

Karen said...

Love the ice crystals, terrific shots!

joanne said... comes winter....enjoyed your chilly pix

Emille said...

Beautiful patterns in the ice, as well as overall design! Can't believe it is already so cold there!

Husbilen-Ellen said...

Beautifuk ice crystals!!

Faye said...

These photos are a pleasure to see--it will be a long time before we have ice on creeks, streams and lakes. Almost jewel-like over the deep blue water.

NatureFootstep said...

interesating feature you share today. :) Love it.

bettyl said...

I love the contrast of the water and ice. Nicely done.

Ruby Manchanda said...


Igor Ramirez Šaš said...

Always loved to look at details of ice so this for sure is a treat. Thanks for sharing.


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