Thursday, July 28, 2011


Burdock is another pesky weed which is altogether too common around here.
 After the blossoms have finished, I am going to have to take the clippers out and cut down all the bushes in the areas where we usually walk, in self preservation.
 Otherwise, Annie will bring home all the burrs, a few dozen at a time, the whole winter.


Tina said...

Lovely flowers! :)

Misty Dawn said...

Don't ya just hate how the pesky weeds can be such pretty photography subjects at the same time? LOL

tw3 said...

Wise decision.
They do stick, don't they.
You managed to make them look beautiful.

George said...

I wasn't familiar with this name, although I have seen very similar plants. Why do weeds often have such nice blossoms?

Deb said...

very interesting....I bet they do cause lot's of problems...


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