Friday, July 29, 2011

Fish Bones

 A month or so ago, a large fish was caught in the rocks between the pond and the marsh, and died.
I avoided the area for weeks, till I could be sure there was nothing for the dogs to roll in.
 There is nothing left but the bones, now, and I have been photographing them. And thinking about a story I used to read my daughters - "A Harp Made of Fish Bones".


Naturegirl said...

Judy a nice touch in scattering the flower petals.

Dar said...

or perhaps even a beautiful glazed hairpin! Life is so full of reuse surprises.

Ms. Becky said...

these photographs are exquisite with the lines of the bones and their shadows. they look so lovely there on the white sand with the flowers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Judy!

Bronwynn said...

Really gorgeous shots. Love the shadows and the light coming through the petals. I remember the title, but I'm going to have to look the story up, since I can't remember how it goes

Ann said...

I hope the dogs don't go to the fish, the bone might kill them, Birds can nimbly pick the fish meat.

I did take some skeletons of fish


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