Friday, September 11, 2009

A Walk at Mooney's Bay

I am leaving you with a long post today, dear readers, because I am taking a weekend course. More than 20 hours of class time, beginning this afternoon, and running through Sunday dinnertime. I have been warned that the amount of information will be overwhelming, so I want to clear the decks this morning.

Mooney's Bay is a large (for this part of the world) sandy beach on the Ottawa River. All the facilities are closed for the winter, but the sand and the water were free. So was the parking!

I was able to admire the weeping willows and the geese. Even though they did not want to be admired closely. The bridge is actually part of an exercise area, a created hill for runners.

There was a walnut tree, and I admired the sun through the leaves

and found a couple of walnuts that the squirrels were finished with.

I like the cattails in silhouette against the water.

There were a number of elderberry bushes that the birds have not stripped. The bushes around here were picked almost clean even before the berries ripened. So I had a snack while I was walking. Yes, they are edible, but very tart.

There were wild asters, too.

While I was wading in the water (husband laughs at me, but what does that matter when there is water to wade in?), I started watching the leaves that were floating around me. There were so many shadows - the shadow of the leaf, and the shadows of the ripples in the water.

There were herring gulls which did not like me getting too close.

And Joe Pye weed contrasting with the shadows of the willows on the water.

I like the shadow and the wear patterns on this feather.

Even sow thistle can look good with a warm sun, and water in the background.

One interesting thing about willows is the way they grow in clumps, allowing you to frame a photograph.
I will be back on Monday morning.


Bronwynn said...

Hope your course went well, since you'll probably be almost finished by now.

I especially like the shot of the shadows caused by the little ripples in the water. I've always thought they are really lovely, contrasted against the golden sand

George said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk along Mooney's Bay. The pictures of the weeping willows and the water are beautiful.


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