Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today's Flowers

The Ottawa Tulip Festival is winding down this weekend.

I spent a couple of hours after work admiring the plantings, and taking photos.

The Festival started in the days after WWII, when the Netherlands started sending thousands of bulbs to Ottawa,

to thank the city and the country for providing a refuge for the Royal Family.

They still send thousands of bulbs, although the city has planted some 3 million altogether.

I was surprised at the many patterns of planting the bulbs.

Sometimes they are intersperced in one bed,

and other times they are planted in bands of colour.

I started out, trying to keep track of the many varieties, but soon gave up in bewilderment.


Arija said...

I was so hoping some kind person would do just this. I have only had the opportunity to see them one in 1960 when we poor students were living in Montreal, and have always love the story of how a national kindness has led to this absolute glory of beauty. So much nicer than wars and monuments to the dead, to have a living memorial to kindness.

Tulip said...

i love your tulip flowers entry. that's my wedding dream bouquet. love the different colors of tulip flowers. so beautiful and great captured. nice shots for this entry. thanks for sharing. i love it big time.


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