Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cat in my Lap

You have seen photos of Jake and Annie, so here is the third fur kid, Gloria. I hope you realize how hard it is to get a good photo of the occupant of your lap.


Deb said...

Gloria looks very peaceful...cute photo

nature ramblings said...

I love your watery wednesday photos but this is my favorite!!! Nothing sweeter than a sound asleep cat. I can sit for hours with a cat asleep on my lap and you did a wonderful lap shot!! So precious. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful watery wednesday!

Tarolino said...

I didnä' know you had a cat too. She's so cute there even if I must say she looks slightly demonic with her eyes like that. Cats are so cozy to have. Unfortunately I'm very allergic to them but I do love to pet cats outdoors.

George said...

Gloria certainly looks very comfortable here. You must be a contortionist in order to get this picture!

Bronwynn said...

If you think that's hard, try taking one of the cat standing on your shoulder. There deffinatly is something alarming about her eyes in that shot


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