Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The clouds covered the face of the sun,

and the moon was high in the sky,

but the colours were intense.


Tarolino said...

Hi I'm back. Thanks for visiting my blog while I was away. Sorry that you should have such a bad time having to miss your daughter so much and only seeing her when she has issues. I see my mother minimum once a week but then we do live close. Still sometimes that can lead to conflict too but nothing that cannot be quickly resolved.
Your sky images here are gorgeous. They just keep getting better and better. I see your lilacs are about to bloom very soon. Not so here quite yet but they do have the beginnings of leaves now. We have lots of lilacs around where I live.
I liked your coltsfoot series too.

PS. A Forsythia will move into our cottage garden. I moved a giant delphinium plant to a better and more sheltered spot and now the whole is ready to move a forsythia into that vacant place.

Bronwynn said...

The first one especially is lovely, with all the light edging the clouds


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