Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If a Tree Falls in the Thunderstorm...

Yesterday dinnertime, we had a severe thunderstorm. There was barely a second between the lightning and the thunder,
lots of wind and a bit of hail. Sometime in the middle of that, the flowering crabapple tree in the middle of the front yard came from together.
Last month, a couple of big branches came off, and husband put some black paint to protect the tree from losing too much sap or getting infected. The link to those photos is here.
I have called the city, asking them to remove the pieces, and put a new tree in the yard.
My neighbor and her grandkids are going to start taking the branches apart this morning.
Neither of us expect them to get very far, but it will be a novel experience for them, and amusing for us.


JC said...

You need a chain saw and few good men. lol

Where do you live that your city would clean this up for you and replace it with a tree ?

No one would help us if this happened. Unless the tree was in the road blocking something.

stag said...

Well, I "HAVE" a chainsaw, and the local SCA branch needs some firewood.

Can I help?


The Weaver of Grass said...

All I know about the crabapple is that it makes the most wonderful logs of all (apart from cherry) for our wood burning stove in Winter.

Rose Anne B said...

Hmmmm sounds like it didn't damage anything except the aesthetics of the tree/yard. Good luck on getting city help - it's also impossible here unless obstructing city property.

Do you have a fireplace or outdoor firepit that you could use the wood? Otherwise check to see if there's anyone who would like free wood if they come and clean it up??? A try!

Buttons said...

Oh Judy I am reading your posts backwards, I have some catching up to do. Poor tree but I am sure it will be put to good use or the chipper will put it to good use:) Hug B

Clytie said...

What a surprise to have in your yard. Did you notice, in the second shot ... the scar is shaped like a heart? :=}


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