Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Things

Weeks ago, Deb challenged me to list five things
about myself that you do not know. I think she wants me to move out from behind the camera,
1. The biggest thing just now is the sciatica. It is getting better, but there were so many days when I just wanted to cry with the pain. I have been doing a lot of reading, and not so much moving.
2. Jake has health problems of his own that I am dealing with. He will be 13 this summer, but his hearing is going,
and now he is unable to use one back leg. The vet said there is arthritis, but it also feels like a torn ligament, and the way he is holding his foot, there may be nerve damage.

3. I got my first car when I was about 5. It was a black Studebaker.
My father drove me around the block in it, then parked it near the back fence. My sister and I would spend the spring and fall sitting on the roof, pretending we were hunters, shooting the buffalo (you know, the black and white ones that go to the barn to be milked twice a day), and sending our pretend dog to retrieve our kills.
4. My first kitten was named Timothy, and he was all black.
5. My sisters and I were all baptized the same day, my third birthday. I will try and find the photo celebrating the event.


Deb said...

That was fun Judy the buffalo hunter lol!!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

All interesting things to know Judy. Sorry about the sciatica - horrible thing - I had it once. I have arthritis in my ankle and it really inhibits my walking long distances.

JC said...

My first cat was also all black.
His Mom was a Sealpoint Siamese.
Thus, he talked ALL THE TIME.
His name was Satchmo.

Buttons said...

Judy sorry about your back and Jake. I love #3 you and your sister had wild imaginations I can relate. Take care of your back Judy. Hug B

Debbie said...

I enjoy these entries, a little bit of getting to know you better! Jake is a beautiful dog and I'm sure a wonderful companion for you!

Take care of yourself, I hope with rest, you will be feeling better soon!! At times like these it is so nice to blog and connect with others!!

Anne Higgins said...

Sorry for you and for Jake. I myself have been dealing with my first ( hopefully, only) bout of bursitis...
right shoulder. I've been abusing that shoulder for a long time, hauling heavy book-laden backpacks over it, etc. This pain has made me realize how right-handed... actually, right armed, I am. I have had to change the way I put on and take off my clothes.
Speaking of dogs... I am a dog lover but am not in a situation where I can have a dog. But I am an addicted watcher of the Great Dane Service Dog Project in Ipswich Mass. They have a 24/7 web cam... have been watching since last October... three litters of puppies born over these months. So amazing.
This place trains the dogs and gives them away to disabled persons.

Best wishes - I love your blog.

EcoRover said...

Good luck with your sciatica--I had a bout some years ago, and after a lot of Flexeril, physical therapy, and now years of routine core strengthening exercises, I have had no relapse (though occasionally I get a twinge after a long car ride which reminds me to keep my exercise routine).

DeniseinVA said...

It is really nice to get to know you better. I'd love to see that baptism photo, bet you all looked so cute. Sorry to hear you have sciatica, sounds very painful, about Jake too. I think of my aches and pains that come with being over 60 and realize I need to buck up because I know sciatic is a true pain and I should stop whinging.

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