Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Construction Site

They are installing some sewer work in the area where we walk, so we explored it Sunday, when there were no workers to chase us off.
 The pipes come in two sizes, 
 but the views through them are so different.


Hilda R.B said...

Like the views. Looks like a nice framing to the autumn.
Wish you a great week.

EG CameraGirl said...

Cool photos. I love the repeated shapes and also the two photos looking through the pipes. Very nice.

Lin Floyd said...

I like your creative photos...

Quiet Paths said...

Oh love those two bottom views. This reminds me of a concrete art display down on the Great Salt lake flats. Someone designed a winter solstice piece with these things. It's very interesting.

Abdul Mobin said...

Hi, This is attractive picture. also natural. go on with and give us more and more.
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Dobermom said...

Looking through the top pipe seems like such a safe place to be. Wonderful pictures.


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