Saturday, February 12, 2011



Terry said...

Just rode over to wish you a happy weekend and a very special Valentines .
Your Sunset image is gorgeous !
I loved the Birch bark trees in your last post .I have always been fascinated by these unique trees.
Thank you for sharing so many amazing images with us.
Take care now
Until Next Time
Happy Trails

Deb said...

pretty...we had such a nice day here today...

Kristin said...

Beautiful sunset. Have a little effect of dark woods. A sense of mystery within.

Petit Eyekiss said...

Thanks for the greeting of me, I live on the third floor of an apartment. The house is situated high on a mountain. I can see is the outlet to the Baltic Sea and the route to Poland, it is different views every morning.
Your beautiful picture is similar to a graphic.

Míriam Luiza said...

Amo por do sol!


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