Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Flood Waters Are Receding

This field of grain took a lot of rain or wind damage. Honest, it is a flat field, and what looks like hills and valleys is the standing or fallen grain.

This was Friday evening, a couple of hours after the storm dumped two inches of rain on the area over the course of two hours. The paper said enough water made it into the Ottawa River to fill 70 Olympic swimming pools. This is the path we usually take to get to the path on the other side of the Carp River.

Saturday morning, the water was down enough that you could see the top of the storm drain about a third of the way across.

Sunday evening, we took the long way around, and watched the geese at the hill of the storm drain. That was where the turtles laid their eggs.

This morning, the water is only eight inches above normal, and you can see some of the rocks of the path, beside the joe pye weed.

Friday evening, these cattails, normally at the edge of the water, were stranded, far from shore.

Sunday evening

and this morning, they are looking more normal.

Friday morning, these chamomile flowers had been happily above water. I took the photo on Sunday evening. They saw air again yesterday.

Sunday morning damage on the tributary of the Carp River,

and this morning, a duck floats downstream.

In the next photo, the flattened vegetation shows how high the water was at the peak of the flooding in this deep valley.

Friday evening, the water in the ditch between the road and the Carp River was just above my knees when I waded across. Both of the dogs had to swim.

Today's photo shows more water than is usually in that ditch.

Here, the nameless tributary meets the Carp River on Friday


and this morning.

Looking east from the road, upstream along the tributary Friday


and today.


Judy said...

Dear (mostly oblivious to the outside world) husband pointed out that my Saturday post did not chill him as much as it did me, because he does not know what these places look like when the water is normal. So I repeated the Friday and Saturday shots, adding in the ones from Sunday and this morning.

Bronwynn said...

I think having the pictures of themore normal water level gives it more impact. Also the underwater chamomile is neat. A little creepy, but neat

Rambling Woods said...

You sure did get a lot of rain. This summer has been a wet and destructive one in many parts of the US and Canada..and dry as a bone for others..Mother Nature isn't fair


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