Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have no idea what sort of grass this is,

but there is a good sized clump of it

growing at the dog park.

I have been told my fascination with it is quite unnecessary, as it doesn't smell of anything interesting to dogs,

although a lot of photographers have trampled paths through it.

Frost on the Leaves

One thing about this time of year, the alarm goes off just before sunrise,

so I see a lot of frost on the ground (and the rooves, and the cars...)

As the sun rises, the frost starts to melt,

which can cause some interesting patterns on the leaves.

Friday, October 30, 2009


This is an interesting former tree. I wonder how far it floated downstream before it ran aground, and whether it will still be here after the spring floods.

Look Up, Look 'Way Up

The leaves are so colourful against the blue of the sky.

Even moreso as some of the leaves fall,

so you can see the individual leaves on the trees.

And I really like staring straight up! It is safest to lean on a nice trunk when you do this, though!


Thousands and thousands

of pumpkins waiting for their big night!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Some of the sunrises of the last couple of weeks.

I love the angle of the light at dawn - not enough to get up early in the summer, but enough to take a lot of photos at this time of the year.

Sometimes the cloud formations are unusual, as when this storm front was moving in from the west.

And one morning, I had to get up even more early than usual, and the sky was still very dark!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Geese Preening

I was at Mooney's Bay last week, and the geese

came back after a day of feeding in the fields.

The next order of business was to tidy up. I like the synchronized preening exhibit here.

And then you have to stretch...

and settle more feathers.

Swans have 22 vertebrae in their necks, and geese must have nearly the same number, being closely related. I think. In any case, they can turn their heads upside down, as you can tell from the position of his chin patch!


I am not sure what sort of feather this is, but you can see the frost on it and on the leaves around it.

I have taken other photos of goose feathers caught on the grasses near the water,

but I am still fascinated with them. These feathers show traces of the frost, as well.

And this photo was taken a bit later in the morning, after all the frost had melted away.

Ice Crystals

Okay, so these are not the best quality in the world, but I had to record them, as I had never seen them before. Walking along the sandy path, I noticed that the ice crystals were about an inch long, and had formed into these clumps.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watery Wednesday

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, when the leaves had more colour than they do now.

It was an overcast morning, so the water was not inviting.

There was enough wind to make ripples, though, and they always do interesting things to the reflections of the trees.

I love observing the different colours of the different species.

Maple Leaves

The dogs and I get out for our walks first thing in the morning,

so sometimes there is frost on the ground in October.

Sometimes, there is no frost, and I can admire the patterns

of the autumn colours!


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